What Women Want from a Relationship

Contrary to popular belief, men and women don’t want things that are that different in relationships. Our needs may be different, but in general both sexes are looking for pretty much the same thing. Here’s a quick guide to what most women consider priorities when it comes to a relationship.
In a world that is primarily dominated by men, women need to feel that their place is not just in the home and kitchen. Most women want a man who can respect her for what she has done, and what she is capable of.
Sexual Fulfillment
Yes, women want and need sex just as much as men. The biggest difference between men and women in this aspect is the type of sex. Women need sex to start far before they reach the bedroom. Foreplay starts in the mind, and can begin as early as dinner conversation. True intimacy is more than the act of sex.
Women and men communicate differently. For women, discussions are important. For men, most of what they feel is implied. To keep a woman interested you need to engage her in regular conversation, and put up with the occasional ‘feelings’ talk.
Another area where men and women tend to differ is the issue of commitment. A woman needs to hear that the relationship is committed, while men just assume it is. A woman is not likely to stick around long if it doesn’t look like the man will be willing to settle down one day. This doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy a ring after the third date, but make sure you are clear on where you stand with the idea of commitment, monogamy, and marriage.

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