What Men Want From a Relationship

Men and women don’t want terribly different things in a relationship. While many women assume that men want sex, this is actually pretty far down on the list. Here are the important things that men are looking for.
A man wants someone they can trust. If you aren’t honest, they can’t build trust with you. This means being open regardless of the topic being discussed.
Self Sufficiency
While men want to feel as though they are taking care of someone, they don’t want a woman that can’t take care of themselves. Men need a woman who is self sufficient and can provide for themselves if times got tough. They don’t want a woman who will do nothing but mooch off of them.
Taking It Slow
Men need a relationship that is free of manipulation. In order to build their confidence in the relationship itself they need someone who will tread lightly on the commitment issue. While women typically want to hear that they are in a committed relationship, a man doesn’t need to verbalize this to know. The best way to form a solid foundation is to take it slow, and not pressure him in to labeling the relationship too early on.
Even though most people assume that men are out for sex first, they actually want someone they can trust with fidelity. If you have a history of cheating, it won’t get you very far in a new relationship. You need to prove that he can trust you with monogamy before he will be willing to move forward. And don’t worry; he will want to do the same for you.

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