Tips for the End of a Good Date

Ending a date is just as important as how you acted during the date itself. In fact, it’s probably more important what you do at the end since this is the memory you are leaving your date with.

Planning Ahead

The best way to end a date is to have planned before hand. If you have a dinner date, be sure they understand that you need to wrap things up by a certain time. You don’t have to give a reason, simply say when you start planning the date that you need to be home by such and such time. This way there is no awkward moment where you need to wrap the date up but don’t know how. It also won’t ruin a great date by forcing it to linger too much.

Avoiding Awkwardness

The end of a good date can get pretty awkward pretty quickly. To avoid this, always plan on going home alone, and don’t expect to be invited in to your date’s home and embark on an erotic fantasy. At the end of the evening you can walk your date to their car of their front door, and simply tell them you had a good time and offer a hug. Getting more intimate than this on the first date, could get the relationship off to a bad start.

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