Physical Attraction – Looks Count

While many people will say that looks aren’t important when they start looking for a new relationship, the harsh reality is without a physical attraction a relationship will be slow moving at best. You don’t need to be a supermodel to land a date; you do need to keep up on your appearance.
If you are meeting new people at persona events, you need to make sure you keep yourself up. Always have your hair looking its best and if you’re a man, pay attention to grooming when it comes to facial hair. Keep your nails clean. Dress well and smell good. If you look sloppy or smell less than desirable you aren’t going to attract anyone.
Profile Photos
Avoid taking personal photos in a bathroom. This is what high school students do, and it makes you look childish. Instead, have a friend take a few candid shots while you’re out and about. Make sure the photos are up to date, and show you in a good light. Out of date photos may make you look great, but when you meet someone they will only be shocked and disappointed to see you are older and not what your photo proclaimed you to be.
Many people will choose to use a professional to have some great photos taken. If this is in your budget, it’s not a bad idea. A professional photographer will know what angles and light will make you look your best.

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