A Guy’s Guide For Successful Dating

While there is no way to create a guide that will cover everything a woman wants and expects, there are a few basic rules you should keep in mind. All women are different, but you can be very successful as a man in the dating world with a few tips.
Check Your Ego
You may be hugely successful, drive a nice car, have a padded bank account, but when it comes to dating none of this really matters. If you think too highly of yourself you will come across as condescending, and it will inhibit your odds of finding a good match. Your best assets are going to be your listening skills, your sense of humor, and how well you treat women.
Appearance Matters
Even if you are a laid back and funny, you need to make a good impression. Save the sweat pants for when you have found someone to move in with you. You should have several nice outfits to wear on different occasions and pay attention to your grooming habits when you start dating.
Walk the Fine Line
Women like a man who is a little aggressive, but come across as too pushy and you’ll find yourself alone again. You need to let her call the shots without looking like less of a man. This means don’t move forward sexually until you get the go. It’s okay to grab for the check at the end of a meal, and hold doors and pull out chairs, but don’t allow the aggression to move beyond this until you know her well.

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