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A Guy’s Guide For Successful Dating

While there is no way to create a guide that will cover everything a woman wants and expects, there are a few basic rules you should keep in mind. All women are different, but you can be very successful as a man in the dating world with a few tips. Check Your Ego You may [...]

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Tips for Ending a Bad Date

There is nothing worse than a date going downhill. We’ve all been in those situations where we just want to get out but don’t know how. If you follow these simple tips you can cut a bad date short without being crude or cruel, on the other hand, if you were only on the date [...]

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Tips for the End of a Good Date

Ending a date is just as important as how you acted during the date itself. In fact, it’s probably more important what you do at the end since this is the memory you are leaving your date with. Planning Ahead The best way to end a date is to have planned before hand. If you [...]

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Physical Attraction – Looks Count

While many people will say that looks aren’t important when they start looking for a new relationship, the harsh reality is without a physical attraction a relationship will be slow moving at best. You don’t need to be a supermodel to land a date; you do need to keep up on your appearance. Grooming If [...]

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What Women Want from a Relationship

Contrary to popular belief, men and women don’t want things that are that different in relationships. Our needs may be different, but in general both sexes are looking for pretty much the same thing. Here’s a quick guide to what most women consider priorities when it comes to a relationship. Respect In a world that [...]

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What Men Want From a Relationship

Men and women don’t want terribly different things in a relationship. While many women assume that men want sex, this is actually pretty far down on the list. Here are the important things that men are looking for. Honesty A man wants someone they can trust. If you aren’t honest, they can’t build trust with [...]

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